It’s here, the much-awaited Pentagon Afghanistan progress report

Just printed my weekend reading: the much-awaited Pentagon report to Congress titled, “Report on Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan”. That’s 152 pages of mostly not-so-good, but not-all-that-bad either progress report on Afghanistan from Oct. 1, 2009 through March 2010.

For those interested in ploughing through the report, just click here.

For those interested in a summary, here goes: Overall, there were real signs of progress on stability, thanks to the military surge.

Bad news for Afghan President Hamid Karzai though as he prepares for his Washington visit next month: the Afghan population supports Karzai’s government only 29 of the 121 strategically important provinces.

The reason for this? Corruption and inefficiency. This is not going make the current resident at the Arg (the Afghan Presidential Palace) very happy - just as Washington and Kabul were trying to mend those fences…

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I think that the problem lies in the illegal drug trade and this should be stopped and more money should be plowed into developing Afghanistan and empowering the impoverished. This is the only real solution to the whole middle east problem.
We need to not believe in on Karzai but technologies like drone for the reason that this has proved its worth consequently we should concentrate on this. cheap uggs china cheap uggs online China Uggs Boots Uggs on sale ,Uggs styles china ugg shoes folks close to the planet are even now preparing to kill innocents even children. concentrate need to on technology.
I really hope the world can contribute to more stability on this region. Thanks for contributing through this rapport. It much appreciated
I believe equalness is very important for women coming from those countries, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Coming orginally from that region. So much has changed before and after 1947 when British rule has left. I know how it was before and now and all those women deserve more better. It will become more conservative unless someone make clear that wife and husband are thse same.
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There is not rule of law and no management in Afghanistan under the umbrella of international community. Karzai and his warlords have wasted the time of more than eight years in the name of insurgents but they are still there are loss of lives of NATO soldiers is going on. What should be done? We should not trust on Karzai but technology like drone because this has proved its worth therefore we must concentrate on this. People around the world are still planning to kill innocents even children. Focus should on technology.

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